Generosity NY is a group of Christians spurring on one another to experience philanthropy differently - with more joy and wisdom; and in community.

We nurture the spirit of what makes charitable giving fun by convening, educating, and celebrating those that spread the gospel by giving. We spread the gospel of generosity in a fresh way, that inspires a global giving culture by tapping back into the basic tenets of why we give (faith, fellowship & future). 

We deliver many different giving solutions for today’s giver, keeping our fingers on the pulse of trends and offerings in the philanthropic arena. We are inspired by the biblical principles of joy, stewardship, and worship while recognizing the world in which we live today. We aim to help donors experience the fruit of generosity in both its impact and legacy.

We create experiences around charitable giving that are fun, informed, and experiential – meant to unlock the joy of generosity for today’s giver.  

Our model brings donors alive in their giving by connecting them with generous peers and causes. It’s not just their money at work, it’s change being channeled through their spirit. By sharing our generosity with others, we help donors experience charitable giving through joyful participation, not reactive solicitation. We deliver this in 3 ways:

Curated Events - Our events are safe, intellectual, exclusive, and experiential, providing space for learning and fellowship.

Unique Content - Our content is relevant, cutting edge, and entertaining equipping families with information on why to give, how to give well, and where to give for maximum impact.

Philanthropic Counsel - Our counsel is sophisticated, and customized to each family, representing solutions to maximize family legacy and impact.

Our Vision

We strive to multiply charitable resources by inspiring a culture of radical generosity in global markets, starting with New York City. We will awaken the hearts of those with capacity, and teach the next generation to give with purpose.

Our Promise

From generous hearts to giving hands. Communally we convene and empower. Individually we prepare and coach individuals through their generosity, demonstrating the power of giving as worship. Our approach is:

Holistic: We walk with givers on their entire journey to help them answer key questions about why to be generous, how to give well and who is making impact.

Collaborative: We bring to bear strategic partners that have demonstrated proven methodology for unlocking more resource and joy effectively along the path of generosity, sharing in vision, integrity, and leading expertise.

Relational: We believe that the relationship is more valuable than the transaction. We are privately funded by a core group of patrons and foundations to allow for authentic service to our community and participants. We do not charge a service fee.