Art of Giving


At our recent Art & Philanthropy event, we explored the connection between art and human impact. Our established panel of Christian artists, gallerists and industry experts discussed the power and potential that art can have on humanity as both cultural influence and a dynamic tool to leverage for charitable investment.

The event was held at the Waterfall Mansion. After the panel discussion, guests and panelists alike kept the conversation going with a lively extended Q&A session.

Movie Making for Good


On April 19, 2018 we gathered for a pleasant evening at the Union League Club to discuss the power of movie-making for good. Moderated by Joe Battaglia; producers, funders, actors, and directors shared their insights of how films are leveraged for impact. 

We are grateful for our panel who shared their insight into how their work in movies impacts our culture for the greater good.

Blockchain Philanthropy


At our Blockchain Philanthropy event, we shared in the intellectual stimulation of exploring blockchain for good. A diverse panel of experts from the technology, finance, and non-profit sectors shared their experience and perspectives for leveraging blockchain for impact. The event was held at the provocative and inspiring charity: water headquarters. The program was interactive and started and ended with a lively social time to connect with the panel and other guests.

Serving Those on the Streets


On a snowy night in March, we hosted members for an evening to discuss homelessness in NYC, and the mission-minded agencies making a tangible difference. We heard enlightening stories from the supporters of the ministries.