Gather. Inspire. Act.

Generosity NY represents a community of business leaders, emerging professionals, titans of industry, financiers, artists, politicians, authors, entertainers, athletes, successful executives, and everyday folks - sinners and saints that desire to come alive in their generosity.

We create experiences around charitable giving that are fun, informed, and experiential — all meant to unlock the joy of generosity, for today's giver. We convene givers in a unique fashion that is safe, entertaining, and inspirational; meeting members where they are at with 4 types of events.


Philanthropic Salons

Our Philanthropic Salons are designed to evaluate givers around strategic giving. Evaluating methodology & opportunity for giving wisely.


Cause Round-tables

Our Cause Round-tables are designed to expose givers to where God is working. We dive into specific causes and display the organizations affecting change.



'Tastes of Generosity'

Our Generosity Meals are intimate and luxurious spaces to break bread and talk with other givers about the inspiration behind giving.


Donor Xperiences

Our Donor Xperiences are unique off-site real-world experiences that mix purpose and adventure for donors to uniquely experience a topic or issue.